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Clutter Increases Sales

Major retailers set new trend — increasing clutter to boost sales

More stuff in the aisles means more sales.

The display experts at Do-It know this already. But big chains have discovered it, too, according to two recent articles that report the latest in-store sales strategies of some of the nation’s largest retailers.


An April 7 article from the New York Times describes how lots of stuff piled onto shelves or stacked in the middle of store aisles can signal bargains and coax shoppers to buy more. A Time article agrees, saying that large retailers are catching on to methods that thrift stores, flea markets and bazaars have long utilized. And a story on NBC’s Today show reveals how retailers are directing shoppers' eyes to stuff they didn't know they needed.

Wal-Mart learned this lesson the hard way. In 2009 it tried to appeal to more upscale shoppers by clearing aisles of clutter. Same-store sales dropped. Wal-Mart is now adding back products, putting stuff back in the aisles and placing more merchandise on shelves.

Other retailers are following suit. More customers buying online has caused retailers to rely on sales at a shrinking number of existing stores to increase revenue, requiring the addition of more merchandise back to the stores.

  • J. C. Penney is turning empty walls into jewelry and accessory displays.
  • Old Navy is creating “fast lanes” stocked with non-clothing items.
  • Best Buy is adding bigger items to fill empty spaces left by thinner TVs and other shrinking electronics.
  • Dollar General is installing “speed bumps,” merchandise in the aisles or at the entrance, or stacks of related items.

This new retail strategy can help you sell more, too … and Do-It can help. Do-It Hang Tabs, display strips and other POP products are an ideal way to put more product right at eye level where your customers see it. Boost impulse sales by placing related products together. Gain display flexibility and take advantage of empty space by putting products anywhere in the store.

  • Place related products together: gift cards in the greeting card aisle, snacks next to soft drinks, playing cards alongside games … the combinations are endless.
  • Hang items that are normally shelved: health and beauty items, tools, electronics and more.
  • Put product in high-traffic areas: at registers, entrances and end aisles.
  • Fill empty spaces: unused walls, boards or within the aisles.

Contact us to see all the ways Do-It can increase your in-store display flexibility and boost your sales.