3 Clear Plastic Hang Tabs that Help You Sell, Sell, Sell

In the ever-changing world of retail, the art of presentation is crucial for influencing consumer decisions. Even if your product is exactly what a customer is looking for, they won’t be able to find it if the retail display doesn’t grab their attention.

Here at the Do-It Corporation, it hurts us to see perfectly good products fail in retail because they just don’t have the display options they need to succeed. That’s why we created an extensive catalogue of clear plastic hang tabs that products of all shapes and sizes can rely on. Today, we’ll be discussing 3 clear plastic hang tabs our customers love.

1. Hook Hang Tabs: The Classic Retail Display Solution

Do-It’s Hook Hang Tabs are the classic choice for any retail display. Designed to simplify the selection process for customers, these hang tabs shine in scenarios where multiple sizes or colors of the same product share a fixture. The versatility of hook hang tabs allows customers to seamlessly backshop by removing products from any position on the retail display peg, enhancing accessibility. On top of that, their transparency ensures that product messages are easy to see, contributing to a visually clean and appealing presentation. By providing an easy and organized shopping experience, Do-It Hook Hang Tabs play a crucial role in maximizing product visibility and promoting successful sales strategies in the competitive retail landscape.

2. Reinforcer Hang Tabs: Strengthening Packaging and Reducing Costs

For heavy products that need that extra strength, our reinforcer hang tabs are the perfect solution. These hang tabs play a vital role in eliminating torn header cards, which reduce the chances of product returns and lost sales due to packaging damage.

Beyond their protective capabilities, Reinforcer Hang Tabs offer an economic advantage by allowing manufacturers to employ lighter packaging materials without compromising on product support for heavier items. This dual benefit not only ensures the integrity of the product throughout its journey but also contributes to cost savings in packaging materials. Whether applied before or after the blister card or folding carton is filled, Reinforcer Hang Tabs provide an efficient and cost-effective way to reinforce packaging, ultimately bolstering product presentation and preserving sales opportunities.

3. Fold Up Hang Tabs: Space-Efficient and Display-Ready

Do-It Fold-Up Hang Tabs offer a unique blend of space efficiency and display readiness. Designed to lie flat for shipping, these hang tabs are essential for easy transportation and versatility in the retail display. What sets them apart is their ability to achieve this without adding bulk to master cartons or product packaging. That way, you can have the best of both worlds in shipping and in your displays.

Available in hook, hole, and slot hole formats, Fold-Up Hang Tabs are ideal for retail displays that require an all-purpose solution.

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