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At Do-It Corporation, we’re constantly evolving our product lines and developing new solutions to common retail display problems. To help our customers stay current with our progress and products, we regularly add new articles, case studies and industry thoughts to this page. Be sure to check back often, as we are constantly updating our offerings and sharing new perspectives on age-old retail display concerns.


Plastic Hang Tabs: Simple, Effective, Reliable

Today, we’ll be discussing two different types of plastic hang tabs we sell and how retailers can use them to boost their sales at a low cost.

Adhesive Display Strip

Display Strips to Change Your Marketing Game

In this month’s blog post, we’ll be discussing the types of display strips we offer and how you can use them to your advantage.

Improve Retail Loss Prevention with Security Hang Tabs

Do-It Corporation has a great selection of hang tabs for displaying products of all types in retail settings. For 50 years, we have worked diligently to build our reputation as the biggest and best hang tab manufacturer in the world.

PDI Medical Wipes

Big Box Store Brands Benefit Best from Quality Hang Tabs

Especially useful for smaller products that need a way to stand out on a shelf, or cannot easily stand up on their own, hang tabs from the Do-It Corporation can give them the hanging hold they need.

Increase Branding with Product Carry Handles

The Do-It Corporation offers product carry handles that can make products easier to move while also further increasing your branding.

Save Space and Push Sales with Appealing Retail Displays

There are endless strategies that can be applied when it comes to putting products on shelves, but retail displays are at their best when they save space and push sales for the product. When working within a limited space, surrounded by competition, it is important to have a product that stands out and ensures yours is the one that is picked by customers.

Plastic Packaging Offers Better Ways to Provide Deals

Whenever special sales, holiday sales, limited releases, and more happen, plastic packaging that is used for the products involved should work to increase sales of the product. Packaging can make a big difference on the number of product leaving shelves, and when deals are happening, more should be purchased than any other time.


Offer New Year Deals with Bottle Neck Hang Tabs

Whether you offer a food product that comes in a bottle, alcohol, soda, or any other bottled products, our bottle neck hang tab is a great way to increase sales during the holiday season.

True Blue Blueberries

Push Holiday Sales Once Again with Retail Carry Handles

The Do-It Corporation has provided carry handles to a variety of businesses in the past, all for products that were either being sold together as a bulk bundle or alongside another product that the company manufactures.

Mead Envelopes

How to Improve Training with Literature Holders

The Do-It Corporation provides literature holders that are not only hardy and ready to be installed for extended use, but also ones that are simple to navigate and install.

Bic Pencils

Security Hang Tabs Give Promotional Material Added Protection

With designs that have been workshopped and developed for years, the security hang tabs from Do-It offer a simple, but effective design that product packaging can count on for additional package reinforcement.


Retail Display Solutions for Products of All Shapes and Sizes

Retail display solutions have been a matter of business for Do-It for decades, and we have worked with companies that product all different kinds of products during that time. When you want an experienced company to help with your retail problems, you can always find a solution with Do-It.