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XTR Paperboard

Do-It Corporation also offers certain hang tabs in XTR Paperboard. XTR Paperboard is a sustainable, renewable, and biodegradable material. The “XTR” stands for Extra Tear Resistant, as this paperboard is approximately 30% stronger and more durable than standard SBS paperboard. The strength of the XTR Paperboard comes from a multilayer construction using two types of wood fibers. XTR Paperboard with a folding crease, can be folded several thousand times without breaking. Do-It’s XTR Paperboard hang tabs would be supplied with HangTite® 203T adhesive, which has a tissue carrier instead of a plastic carrier – making all of the hang tab plastic free. The white XTR Paperboard material has a thickness of 16.5 mils (420 microns) and is similar in strength to 10 mil (254 microns) thick plastic.

  • Designed to provide material compatibility with paperboard packages
  • XTR Paperboard is 30% stronger and more durable than standard SBS paperboard
  • Do-It’s 203T adhesive uses a tissue carrier making the entire hang tab plastic free
  • Similar in performance to comparable standard hang tabs
  • Ejected hole means 25% less material per hang tab
  • Less material than a 5th panel on a box
  • Roll format for easy hand or automatic application
  • White or digitally printed to match your packaging graphics and promote your brand
  • Easily added to light-weight paperboard packages, allowing them to be merchandised on peg hooks in stores
  • Available in a variety of shapes