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Learn More About Hang Tabs with Do-It Literature

If you’d like to learn more about Do-It Hang Tabs, Merchandising Display Strips, product packaging, or Do-It Corporation, you’ve come to the right place. On this page you can download our product guide and other topic-specific literature that will help you get the most out of your retail display efforts. As we are continually adding new material, be sure to check back regularly for additional resources that will help your products get noticed and sold.

File Size
Do-It Corporation Company Bio
962.4 KB
Walmart Impulse Strip Program
1.2 MB
Do-It La Guia de Productos
20.5 MB
XTR Paperboard Hang Tabs
1.2 MB
Do-It Hang Tab Performance Troubleshooting Guide
50.8 KB
Tips for Automatically Applying Do-It Hang Tabs
138.8 KB
Tab-A-Matic™ Hang Tab Dispenser
280.7 KB
Your Partner in Source Reduction
331.7 KB
Safety and Security Products
3.2 MB
Roll Forms Layouts
164.3 KB
Pocket Display Strips from Do-It Corporation
2.9 MB
Norpak 1000 ALT Hang Tab Applicator
1.4 MB
Bottle Neck Hang Tabs & IRC's from Do-It Corporation
1.4 MB
Keys to Successful Hang Tab Performance
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Hang Tabs 101
1.7 MB
Packaging & Merchandising Components that Hang, Promote, and Sell
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Las Pautas Para La Aplicacion Manual de "Do-It Hang Tabs"
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Hand Application Tips for Do-It Hang Tabs
458.5 KB
Hang Tab Product Guide
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Retail Packaging Seals and Security Hang Tabs
782.7 KB
Not All Films (or Substrates) Are the Same
1.5 MB
Do-It Corporation Environmental & Material Safety Statement
360.2 KB
Display Strip Merchandising Products
1.3 MB
Clearance Special R-05 Round Hole Hang Tab
555.6 KB
Clearance Special 2-MTTL Display Strip
874.7 KB
Clearance Specials
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Design Your Own Bottle Neck and PromoTab Hang Tab
71.6 KB
Intro to Do-It Corportation
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