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Application Equipment

Click on the links below to see videos showing the state-of-the-art equipment used by Do-It Corporation. Feel free to contact us for more information about the products we can provide for you.

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Norpak 100 Alt Hang Tab Applicator


Do-It Roll Form Hang Tabs are designed for high-speed automatic application. Depending on the shape and size of the product, application rates of up to 200 per minute can be achieved with the Norpak 1000 ALT Hang Tab Applicator.

  • Larger unwind to handle rolls up to 15.5” (395mm) OD
  • Custom web tension (brake) unwind roller
  • Smooth web path to the peel plate (beak)
  • Omron servo motor
  • Touch screen control box
  • Adjustable conveyor speed up to 162’ (50M) per minute
  • Fully adjustable application head – including angle of peel plate (beak)
  • Leuze ultrasonic “self-teaching” sensors
  • High density foam roller to apply pressure to hang tab after placement on product

Gen2 Carry Handle Application System


  • Simple, consistent method of applying large volumes of Do-It Carry Handles
  • Accurately apply forty to sixty handles per minute in the exact location each time
  • Designed specifically for your product and Do-It Carry Handle
  • Small footprint – less that thirty square feet and less than a thousand pounds
  • Easy incorporation into existing production lines


Do-It’s TAB-A-MATIC and roll form hang tabs can be the right choice for your manufacturing environment. Just remove a hang tab and the TAB-A- MATIC dispenser automatically peels and advances the next hang tab. Higher rates can be achieved with hand application– around 12 hang tabs per minute.


Dispenses carry handles to make quick retrieval of handles hassle-free and time efficient. Simply remove a carry handle and the dispenser automatically advances to the next. Do-It’s Carry Handle Dispenser dispenses hundreds of handles before ever needing to be replaced, making it the perfect piece of equipment for anyone looking to utilize a large pool of Carry Handles.

  • Speeds up low-volume carry handle application processes
  • Stores hundreds of Carry Handles for convenient use
  • Handles separate with minimal force from user, enabling prolonged use without exhaustion