3 Ways to Save Big on Source Reduction

It’s common sense that one of the best ways to increase profit is by reducing unnecessary waste while increasing sales. Instead, the tricky part out figuring out how to make that happen.

Here at the Do-It Corporation, we believe that smart source reduction is one of the most effective ways to lower your overhead while also increasing customer satisfaction. By making use of intelligent and intentional retail display solutions, you can lower the costs of displaying your items while also increasing your sales.

Today, we’re discussing 3 different ways to save (and make) money through smart source reduction.

1. Incorporate Hang Tabs

Maybe we’re biased, but we believe that hang tabs are one of the best tools around when it comes to source reduction. Instead of relying on bulky packaging and large metal shelving to display your products, it only takes a fraction of the resources to hang them on hooks.

At the same time, customers prefer products that are hung up on hooks. Unlike shelved items, hanging items are easier to organize, easier to grab, and overall much more accessible. On top of that, using hang tabs to hang your products makes them more visible to customers, since you can more easily display them at eye level while also making them easily distinguishable.

Overall, we recommend hang tabs in order to save on source reduction and increase product sales.

2. Choose Refillable and Reusable Products

Another excellent way to save money through source reduction is by prioritizing refillable and reusable products whenever possible. More and more, customers prefer reusable containers that they can fill up over and over again instead of paying more money in the long run for single-use containers. Some examples of these refillable and reusable products are:

  • Detergents
  • Grains
  • Candies
  • Water
  • Fruit

Where possible, we also recommend selling cloth bags for your customers to reuse. That way, you can reduce the amount you spend on plastic bags, which all just end up in a landfill anyway.

3. Capitalize On Digital Solutions

Wherever possible, we recommend capitalizing on digital solutions instead of physical ones. Though physical ads certainly have their place in modern retail, the cost of raw material can pile up over time. On top of that, customers can drop, crumple, or simply litter them throughout a store, which takes time (and therefore money) in order to clean up. By contrast, digital marketing doesn’t have that physical element.

Some digital solutions for source reduction we recommend are:

  • E-Receipts
  • Digital Coupons, Flyers, and Brochures
  • Digital Banners (on computer monitors or TV screens, for example)
  • Digital Maps and Inventory Management Systems

Save Money on Source Reduction with Do-It Hang Tabs

At the end of the day, source reduction is a win for everybody. Manufacturers handle fewer materials, retailers save time and money, customers get better deals, and our world faces less waste. To get started saving money on source reduction, click here to contact us today!

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