7 Pairings for Display Strips To Increase Sales and Holiday Shopper Satisfaction

Holiday shoppers benefit from display strips that help them find hot items needed during the holidays. Placing got-to-have items in a convenient location makes finding what you need that much easier – here are 7 ways display strips can be used to increase sales and satisfaction:

  1. Corkscrews in the wine isle. Help the harried office manager when they’re stocking up for the office party and don’t know what’s available at work.
  2. Cup of Soup next to the crackers (or vice versa). We’re all in a hurry this time of year, make a hot meal easy and convenient. With chilly weather a quick warm meal hits the spot.
  3. Festive koozies in can and bottle form next to the beer coolers.
  4. Headache medicine near the orange juice. When the holiday parties are just a bit much…
  5. Bulb checker near the light strings. To keep the holiday twinkle glowing.
  6. Phone chargers near the wiper blades. Challenging weather and lots of travel can be a tough combination, make travel time a little easier.
  7. Candy canes, anywhere. When they’re only available a couple months of the year, we just can’t get too many.

Display strips are an easy way to draw attention to purchases that make our lives easier. Saving your customers the hassle of hunting around for in-demand items just makes sense. If you’re looking for pairings that will work with your clientele, spend a little time at the checkout. Notice items that are commonly bought together, and move them closer together without having to make shelf space. Or, you can study top sellers and strategize what would make a great compliment.

Whatever you would like to display, Do-It has display strips for the job. From bulky packages that need a custom strip, to adhesive strips for lightweight packages, to custom designed strips printed with your logo and messaging, we’ve got the options you need.