literature holders


The Do-It Corporation offers literature holders that are durable and designed for easy installation and extended use for a number of applications. 

Literature Holder

New hires can sometimes find their duties daunting, but literature holders help any business owner to improve the training and onboarding process. Especially useful in back areas of stores or workshops, literature holders can hold a variety of information that is useful to those working in the area.

Literature Holder

When manufacturers of products need literature holders to show off sales, they know that they can always count on the Do-It Corporation to provide the best. With the latest heatwave that passed through here in the Midwest, we were all reminded of how fast summer is approaching. And, with summer always comes a variety of new products and sales to market toward customers looking to make purchases for their outdoor fun.

Literature Holder

With the holidays just around the corner, your store can help in-store shoppers find all the deals they need with effective literature holders from Do-It Corporation. One of the first things that many do before Black Friday shopping is to look at adverts that a store offers. By using quality literature holders that you can place in different parts of your store, you can make holiday ads more accessible to your customers to ensure that the ads are seen and picked up, which can lead to more sales.

Literature Holders

Because many stores are consistently changing their policies and procedures due to COVID-19, you can inform guests about your new regulations that are being followed with effective literature holders. When trying to get out information, there is no better way than to put it where guests will see it while they go about your store. The Do-It Corporation has worked with companies from all over to ensure they have the literature holders that best serve them, so we are sure that we can help your team improve messaging for your stores.

Literature Holders

Whenever you have large amounts of information regarding one, or many of your products, literature holders from Do-It Corporation can assist you in displaying it near products where potential customers are sure to notice. Product promotion is important, and, with our literature displays, you increase the chances of someone finding your product by giving them yet another way to learn more about it.

literature holder

Getting information to people without outright annoying them can be a challenge, but Do-It literature holders can help you approach handing out info and deals in an engaging, non-invasive way. Compared to people shoving pamphlets in your face about the latest and greatest in products and sales, wouldn’t you rather be able to take in all that material at your own individual pace? People like to be in control of their lives, so take the next step towards giving them what they want with literature holders.