Add Versatility and Functionality to Plastic Packaging

When you are thinking about plastic packaging for your products, you should consider the various ways that you can add versatility and functionality to it. Often, changes to packaging can be done in a way that increases the likelihood of sales by assisting with visibility, reducing unnecessary parts of packaging to emphasize the more important parts, and more. The Do-It Corporation has helped companies of all varieties with their plastic packaging to come up with the best retail display solutions to help their products. When you work with us, you can be sure to find something for your products to improve on their packaging.


Rather than have a large, bulky addition to a product to ensure that it can hang on a hang tab, Do-It can provide Fold Up Hang Tabs onto the plastic packaging for your product to allow stores a simple and effective way to get your product up above a shelf. The fold up hang tab can allow you to keep things flat during shipping, allowing you to transport more products, while then making it easy to deploy and use once the products are ready to go up on a shelf. When bulky additions are added to products, it can often limit the amount that you can get out to stores, as well as how many the store can display at one time. Do-It’s solutions provide an effective, yet unobtrusive solution to make sure that whenever your products go out, you are getting out as many as you can for sales.


Even the most minor changes to plastic packaging can protect a package from damage or prevent it from being broken into and Do-It has the designs to make this a reality for your products. The Do-It Security Hang Tabs are yet another example of a simple adjustment that can be done to a product to ensure that its plastic packaging is serving it as best as possible. Fastening securely to your products when the packaging is sealed, the Security Hang Tab will help to make sure that your products go untampered, protecting them from any damage to the seal as well as helping you with prevention loss for your products on store shelves.

With extensive experience providing effective point-of-sale solutions to those in need, the Do-It Corporation can bring versatility and functionality to plastic packaging for your products. When you want custom, effective solutions for your products, trust in us to find the perfect answer.

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