Big Box Store Brands Benefit Best from Quality Hang Tabs

If your brand is sold in big box stores, then you know the importance of a quality hang tab to keep your product seen. Especially useful for smaller products that need a way to stand out on a shelf, or cannot easily stand up on their own, hang tabs from the Do-It Corporation can give them the hanging hold they need.


Whether your product is shaped a certain way because of marketing purposes, or the weight of it simply causes it to have trouble standing on a shelf on its own, hang tabs from the Do-It Corp. can be the perfect solution when bringing the product to a store for sale. By crafting the perfect hang tabs and putting them in the right spots for a product, you can easily “stack” it above a shelf from store aisle pegs that help multiple products be put out on the salesfloor at once without falling over. A single hang tab, or multiple can be put on a product’s packaging to give it the best hold. We have helped products of all shapes and sizes overcome this problem and are sure that we can assist you with finding the best design for your product.


Depending on what your product is shaped like, where weight is distributed on it, and a variety of factors, your product may require a specific hang tab to make sure it stays aloft. Our team of engineers can work with you to craft and test the best design possible for your product. This process ensures that whatever hang tab your product ends up with will give it the best hold for the long-term.

Helping develop point-of-sale solutions for even the toughest of retail display issues, Do-It Corp. can help you find quality hang tabs for your products. Contact us today to get started on a design for yours!

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