Boost Figures With Bottleneck Hang Tabs

Boosting your store’s sales figures is never a bad thing, and bottleneck hang tabs from the Do-It Corporation can be the perfect addition to your marketing tactics to do just that. By including additional products and promotions through eye-catching additions to your regular product, you can make sure that your items are seen and encourage people to grab one for themselves. No matter what your product is, if it comes in a bottle with a neck, Do-It can give you the unique solutions you need.

Everyone loves free

People love being able to try things new, especially when they’re free. With the bottleneck hang tabs at the Do-It Corporation, you can add to your bottle’s sampler-sized products that can compliment your product in some way, or something like a new product for people to try. No matter what you decide on, having a free addition to a purchase adds another level of satisfaction to a purchase that will encourage more people to invest in your products.

Holiday bottles

With St. Patrick’s Day coming up soon, it’s one of the best times of the year as a retailer of alcoholic drinks. Already the prime time for your products to sell, you can stand out from the mass of options people will be looking at on St. Patrick’s Day by offering that little something extra using a bottleneck hang tab. Whether it’s green-colored party sunglasses, green party bead, or another small sample bottle of one of your other products, you can provide potential consumers with the options they’re looking for on St. Patrick’s Day.

Designed for you

When you work with Do-It, you know you’ll get the best service. Our team can work with you to create the best bottleneck hang tabs for your products that will stay on brand and promote more sales, boosting your business.

The Do-It Corporation has designed hang tab and point-of-sale display solutions for over 40 years. When you need answers to questions about retail display options, Do-It has answers for you.

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