Cut Through the Visual Clutter With Do-It Wobblers Flags and Shelf Channel Strips

You can highlight your latest promotion or contest with Do-It Wobblers, Do-It Flags, and Do-It Shelf Channel Strips. Add a burst of color and some movement with an eye-catching message to your display to capture customers attention and increase sales.

Short Term Promotions

Use our Do-It Wobblers and Do-It Flags to grab attention to your current promotion. Both styles allow you to pull the customers eye to your product on the shelf with their unique placement and color. With their sensitivity to air movement they have a gentle motion that helps them stand out. When customers are already primed to buy they are most interested in your latest new release, sale, or contest. Maximize the effect of your campaign with wobblers and flags. Specifications for standard sizes are available in our Retail Display section.

Mark Out Your Shelf Space

Help consumers find your product quickly with Do-It Shelf Strips. Your shelf space is valuable – make sure you’re making use of every inch available. Consumers are already visually tuned to your branding – use of your corporate colors and identity get your product into their hands faster. These full color strips can be purchased either on loose strips or rolls. Help them bypass your competition with branded shelf strips.

Replenish As Needed

These products are sturdy. They’re easily attached to retail shelves and other display areas near your product. Capable of fitting almost anywhere in a store, point-of-purchase displays can be made to your custom specifications with custom shapes and artwork. Our digital printing abilities can bring eye-catching detail to highlight your product. There is no specialty hardware needed – they are applied with a secure adhesive that attaches to any surface but peels off easily and cleanly. Call us today to start planning your display.

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