Display Strips to Change Your Marketing Game

Display strips, like most successful marketing tools, are eye-catching, unobtrusive, and customizable to fit you and your product’s needs. That’s why we at Do-It got into the display strip business in the first place; we know just how powerful these tools are for retailers everywhere. Whether you’re trying to encourage more impulse buys, complement your primary products, or just like how they look in your store, display strips are some of our favorite products here at the Do-It Corporation. That’s why, in this month’s blog post, we’ll be discussing the types of display strips we offer and how you can use them to your advantage.

Merchandising Display Strips

Merchandising display strips are some of the most iconic display strips in the business. Designed to easily handle a wide range of product weights, these display strips are the go-to for anyone looking to increase their impulse sales. Due to their versatility, these display strips are ideal for cross-merchandising all throughout your store. Simple adorn the area near your primary product with complementary products on these display strips. Because these strips are easy to hang, they’ll function almost anywhere in your store.

Custom Display Strips

If our pre-made display strips don’t quite fit your style, then we also offer custom display strips that is built to suit your individual needs. We’ve designed custom strips for a wide range of customers with their own unique needs, and we’d like to bring that same professional experience to you. Our custom display strips can turn bulky packaging into a marketing miracle, all the while being easy to use—for both you and your customers.

Adhesive Display Strips

Designed to increase impulse sales, Do-It’s adhesive display strips are a customers’ favorite way to shop. The sense of satisfaction a customer receives when they peel a product off of the adhesive becomes a part of the sale, itself, and makes it to customers are more likely to buy. Additionally, the adhesive display strip makes it so neither your nor your customers have to deal with those pesky hooks that can make it difficult to hang the product on the strip or take it off.

Are you interested in increasing your product sales in a cost-effective, user-friendly fashion? If so, the Do-It display strips may be the perfect choice for you. For more information on the display strips we offer, or to request a quote, simply click here to contact us today.

Adhesive Display Strip