Do-It Corporation’s Display Strips Help You Save Space and Sell More

Display strips are often used as a tool for increasing sales by cross merchandising. Well, what is cross merchandising? It’s putting retail products in the vicinity of related products to not only provide customers with convenience, but to also increase sales. A few good examples of cross merchandising is a wine bottle holder display strip hanging in the wine aisle or a cooking apron display strip in the baking aisle. In this post, we’ll look at the different types of Do-It display strips.

Printed display strips

These strips go beyond simply holding up merchandise and saving space – they also help to increase brand identity as well as attract customers who are already familiar with the brand.

Display strip headers

Having your logo printed on your display strips can go a long way and make a big difference in setting your product apart from others hanging from retail display strips in the store.

Adhesive display strips

When you have a product that isn’t too heavy you can use adhesive display strips. These strips are a great way to hang lightweight merchandise that maybe isn’t intended to be hung.

Custom display strips

Sometimes custom display strips are necessary when it comes to products that may be shaped differently or are bulky. Any of Do-It Corporation’s product display strips have the ability to be customized to meet your needs.

Merchandising display strips

Merchandising display strips are used to hang merchandise and products that are designed to be hung up on a hook. The sturdy plastic tabs o through the hole on your merchandise’s packaging and hang your merchandise safely and securely.

Walmart impulse strips

Walmart, the world’s largest company by revenue, has approved Do-It as a vendor for their highly sought after “Impulse Strip Program.” This means that we manufacture display strips that meet Walmart’s rules and regulations when they’re intended for display in Walmart stores.

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