Do-It Specialty Hang Tabs Are Designed To Help With Your Product Placement and Security

Do you require a more specialized solution for your retail products? Whether your goal is to ward off theft, ensure your packaging is protected against damage or increase customer satisfaction, our specialty hang tab options are sure to improve your product’s placement and visibility while enhancing its security.

Do-It Interior Hang Tabs

When you’ve worked hard at designing your product’s packaging, the last thing you want to do is cover it up. Do-It Interior Hang Tabs allow your product to hang while maintaining a clean look and strong holding power. Instead of being placed on the outside or your packaging, our interior hang tabs adhere to the inside of your product’s package with the top part of the hang tab coming through a slot on the top. Your product will look great and the hang tab will not interfere with any design or messaging you have on your product’s box.

Do-It Security Hang Tabs

Certain products are prone to theft so, to address this, we designed Do-It Security Hang Tabs. These hang tabs adhere securely to your product’s packaging to make sure it stays sealed. Unlike wafer seal labels, our security hang tabs are comprised of heavy duty plastic that is tamper resistant and much stronger than conventional loss prevention methods. These hang tabs are an effective and convenient way to ensure the security of your products on retail shelves.

Do-It Seal Tabs

Customer satisfaction is paramount in retaining and increasing your customer base. To make your customers happy, we have developed a variety of seal tabs that seal or resale your package. Do-It Seal Tabs are ideal for chips, candy, cookies, or other products that your customer may want to open and seal for future use.

At Do-It Corporation, we have provided hang tab and point-of-sale display solutions since 1973. We have expanded our product line a lot since then, but our primary focus remains the clear: create the world’s best hang tabs. If you have a need for specialty hang tabs, whether it’s to protect the integrity of your packaging, keep your product secure, or create lasting customer satisfaction, we’re here for you.

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