Heavy Duty Hang Tabs Double Up on the Strength of Your Hold

Rather than leave your products’ suspension to chance, you can depend on the strong hold that heavy duty hang tabs from Do-It can provide for you. Through a simple, but effective design, Do-It heavy duty hang tabs give products a durable hold that will ensure that they stay hung in a store aisle or endcap the entire time your product is sold.

With a team that carefully and methodically produces products for the market of retail display and retail solutions, Do-It can help you find better answers for the needs of your products. Trust in the heavy duty hang tab to do the heavy holding your products require.


Unlike our fold-up tabs or regular hook hang tabs, the heavy duty hang tabs from Do-It provide a hold on both sides of your product with a single tab, which, using both “hook” areas, creates double the hold. This extra step beyond the standard may not seem like much, but it has worked time and again to provide products that are heavier in weight to stay held up for longer and without worry.

Whether your package is simply larger with a lot of little products within or a large, single object that requires a strong hold to keep it up for its term on a shelf, the heavy duty hang tab is up to the job.


By utilizing a small, but effective heavy duty hang tab from Do-It, any company selling heavier products can save more on packaging costs. Rather than use a bulky clamshell container to house your product and hang them up, you can save on both packaging and shipping with our smaller, dependable hang tab.

If your company has a green focus, this can also help your company to lower your footprint when you save on materials used for each product. Innovative solutions such as these are the reason why products have counted on our packaging solutions again and again over the years.

When heavy products need a hold that is unobtrusive, reliable, and ready to apply with ease, Do-It Corporations heavy duty hang tabs are the tool for the job. Learn more about the different types of hang tabs we have to offer, or get started on an order for heavy duty hang tabs by giving us a call today!

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