Help Your Product Stand Out With Printed and Custom Hang Tabs

Faced with intense competition on retail shelves, your products need to stand out if you want to win the sale. Whether you intend to garner customers’ attention via traditional advertising, securing premium shelf space or by utilizing vibrant, branded packaging, the strategy is the same: be loud and be visible. One of the best ways to increase your visibility is by using custom and printed hang tabs to emphasize your product’s features. These hang tabs allow you to entice passersby, deliver your message and reinforce your brand’s iconic text and imagery. In this post, we’re going to look at how you can leverage the power of hang tabs to make your product stand out on retail shelves.

Printed hang tabs can spread your message

Taking advantage of every element – every square inch – of your packaging gives you more space to deliver your message. Do-It Printed Hang Tabs can feature your message across their entire surface, allowing you to speak to customers no matter the angle, proximity or placement of your product.

Custom hang tabs allow you to maximize your retail space

The ability to place more products in less space doesn’t just mean that you have more products to sell, it means that you have more space that can be used to advertise. Combined with our custom hang tabs, Do-It Printed Hang Tabs let you maximize the impact of even the most limited retail spaces.

Custom and printed hang tabs put your brand first

At Do-It Corporation, our custom and printed hang tabs are designed to attract customers to your brand. This is accomplished by putting your brand first… by adding forms to a traditionally functional packaging element. These forms – branding, iconography, logos and typefaces – help to draw shoppers to your brand in highly competitive retail spaces. If you’ve been looking for a way to differentiate your product – to stand out in the crowd – visit our online shop and start planning your retail presence today!

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