How to Improve Training with Literature Holders

New hires can sometimes find their duties daunting, but literature holders help any business owner to improve the training and onboarding process. Especially useful in back areas of stores or workshops, literature holders can hold a variety of information that is useful to those working in the area.

The Do-It Corporation provides literature holders that are not only hardy and ready to be installed for extended use, but also ones that are simple to navigate and install. Our goal is to always improve our products to suit the needs of our customers, and our literature holders are one way that your business can improve training through effective literature placement.


To improve training and onboarding for a worksite, literature holders can hold a variety of things to help. Some ideas to consider include workplace operations brochures, safety manuals, emergency information, health code reminders, and more. Any of these materials, or any others important to the daily operations of your business, can be great inclusions to help new hires know what to do when it matters most.

Do-It literature holders make placing information quick and easy, with simple ease of use. Any recommendations that we can make to help you best utilize literature holders, our team is happy to provide.


With the professional team at Do-It Corp., you can find a great solution for literature with literature holders of all different shapes and sizes. We have holders for literature big and small, depending on your needs. From boxes for brochures, to pockets that can hold full-sized manuals or notecards, we have a literature holder for everything.

And, if we don’t carry a literature holder that meets the specifics of your items, our team can work with you to develop something that fits perfectly. We are always coming up with the best solutions to meet our customers’ needs, and our literature holders are just another way that we accomplish this.

Do-It Corporation works in the packaging and retail display industry, but our products are versatile enough to work in ways that some might not expect. With the literature holders that we produce, retailers can not only show off the latest deals and specials by putting shopping guides within, but they can also use them for employee information. Contact Do-It Corp. for any literature holder that you need for either your store or to improve employee training.

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