Increase Branding with Product Carry Handles

The Do-It Corporation offers product carry handles that can make products easier to move while also further increasing your branding. We have developed tested retail solutions that are effective in solving problems manufacturers face. Our product carry handles are surprisingly strong, making them perfect for stable transporting of larger products or bundles that are normally awkward to carry without the extra handles. This solves a problem for the customer, who may have difficulty carrying your products from the store to their cars and from their cars to their homes. In today’s post, we will discuss how these versatile handles are perfect for packaging on a wide array of products.

Our Product Carry Handles Give You Versatility

The obvious benefit of using these product carry handles from Do-It is that they make transporting your products that much easier, but they also represent a blank canvas on which you can print nearly anything. You can include information about the product, showcase other products, or even add coupons or specials to drive sales. With the entire middle section of the handle printable, you have nearly unlimited flexibility when it comes to the imagery you include on it. Whether you choose one of the suggestions we’ve discussed or have a creative idea in mind, Do-It Corporation can print the imagery onto product carry handles for a wide selection of products and applications.

Easier to Carry Products Can Improve Sales

Buying bulk items can save you money in the long run, but they can be difficult to transport due to their size and/or awkward shapes. By adding product carry handles to your packaging, you not only make the items easier to carry, but you can also increase the chances of someone purchasing the item, since it’s easier to carry and transport. You can even attach handles to multiple items in a bundle for specials like two-for-one sales, allowing customers to carry more than one item from a single handle.

By providing you with an automatic carry handle applicator, we can improve efficiency at your facility. This makes it possible for you to apply these carry handles to your packaging with minimal effort. No matter what you want printed on these carry handle or how you intend to use them, the possibilities are nearly endless.

Do-It Corporation offers effective solutions to business owners looking for ways to promote their brands in unique ways. The carry handle represents a solution that not only helps convey a message to the consumer, but also helps the consumer carry the product more easily. If you have an application in mind for these carry handles, we’d love to hear about it! Contact us today!