Increase Profits With Adhesive Package Carry Handles

Sometimes it can be the simplest solutions that bring about success, and our package carry handles are one of those products. A basic, but effective design, our adhesive package carry handles can make carrying products easier, which can, in turn, push a sale. If you find your products would benefit from an easier way to carry them that is a benefit to the consumer without breaking the bank, the Do-It Corporation has what you need.


One thing you may be wondering with a package carry handle is how it will look in terms of the branding with your product’s packaging. The great news is, with the Do-It Corporation, you can put your products’ branding directly onto the carry handle, so it matches and advertises your brand alongside your products! This can let people know the handle is meant to be used for your product and helps draw attention to the handle to be used by your choice of branding colors used on it.


If you are worried at all about how handles would travel with your products from factory to store, you can choose to apply them by hand once they arrive at their retail site. If you would rather have it done before hand, you can easily have the adhesive package carry handles applied at a packaging or manufacturing facility before your product is shipped out. We even offer an automatic carry handle application machine that you can add to your existing manufacturing line, streamlining the process to make it more convenient for your operations.

Providing solutions to point-of-sale problems since 1973, the Do-It Corporation gives a unique solution to bulk or heavy packaging through adhesive package carry handles. If you need a way to improve product packaging while maintaining your branding, the Do-It Corporation has the solutions to help.