Offer New Year Deals with Bottle Neck Hang Tabs

With a New Year just around the corner, product manufacturers can take advantage of bottle neck hang tabs to offer exclusive deals for the holiday. A New Year means new opportunities, and a professionally made hang tab from professional manufacturers guarantee you get packaging solutions that match your products and provide easier ways of advertising promotions.

The Do-It Corporation is the premier provider of hang tabs of all varieties, including hang tabs. Whether you offer a food product that comes in a bottle, alcohol, soda, or any other bottled products, our bottle neck hang tab is a great way to increase sales during the holiday season.


A New Year is a great time for individuals to try something that is outside their usual routine. Many are looking for ways to make a change during the New Year, and bottle neck hang tabs are a way to help them achieve this. When a customer picks up the bottle they regularly purchase and sees a bottle neck hang tab with an exclusive offer, they are presented with a potentially new and exciting thing outside of their routine that they can try.

From coupons of different versions of the product being bought to special promotions on the product itself, Do-It can help you to implement a promotion of any kind.


Rather than simply use a “one size fits most” design for bottle neck hang tabs, it is important to ensure that the hang tab you’re using fits the product that it’s designed for. Packaging that is cohesive and eye-catching all at the same time is a major benefit to the sales of a product, as customers recognize the brand they are looking for and notice promotions attached.

Do-It has worked with manufacturers for a variety of products, helping them to increase sales. From understanding the branding that your products present to working with your graphics teams to create the perfect bottle neck hang tab design, your New Year deals will be better than ever with Do-It.

A New Year is a great time to innovate, and, with the team at the Do-It Corporation, you can innovate your bottled products with ease during the New Year by utilizing our bottle neck hang tabs. Find a better way to advertise all your promotions and deals by contacting us today!