Plan Release of Product With Effective Hang Tabs

With virus concerns still present and causing many businesses to close for the time being, you can take time off to plan release of products and their shelving placement with effective hang tabs. With the Do-It Corporation, your upcoming product releases can get the displaying tools they need to best be presented for hanging in any area of a retail store.


All the hang tabs offered by the Do-It Corp. provide a strong, effective hold with an easy application to any product that isn’t too heavy. An adhesive backing allows hang tabs to be stuck onto most packaging and can hold for long-term hanging. Whether it’s a pack of playing cards, a bundle package of raisins, or any other product that needs to be hung on a wire peg, Do-It’s hang tabs are a great option.


We at Do-It know that products come in all shapes and sizes, so we’ve created hang tab solutions for a large variety of them. With slot hang tabs, round hole hang tabs, and fold up hang tabs as just a few of our options available, you’re sure to find the hang tabs that best fit your product’s packaging and hanging needs. Each type of hang tab also has specifications provided so your team can effectively deliberate which best works for you. And, if you’re still unsure, our team can assist you in figuring out which works best!


One easy way to discover what hang tab works best for your product is to send us the product you’re looking to hang! By doing this, we can more easily determine what works best for you by using our knowledge and experience in hang tab supply.

Providing point-of-sale display solutions since 1973, the Do-It Corporation has the expertise you can depend on to best show off your products. With hang tab options that are sure to help you hang your product, contact us and see what we can do today!