Plastic Hang Tabs Bring Extra Support to Retail Displays

At the Do-It Corporation, we know that sometimes retail display materials don’t quite cut it for your displaying purposes, and that’s why we offer plastic hang tabs that give extra support where you need it. Reinforcer Hang Tabs from Do-It are the simple-to-use, easy addition that instantly can make a retail display of products more dependable and less prone to breaking because of the weight of your product.


If your product is designed to hang, but is dependent on paperboard to hold it up, then you can certainly benefit from the strength provided by the Reinforcer Hang Tabs from Do-It. Paperboard is a great material to use for general packaging of products, but, as it gets boxed, shipped, and handled within stores, there is a chance that it can rip and tear, leading to your product not having a way to hang anymore. By providing stores with plastic hang tabs, the Do-It Corporation gives them a way to ensure that your products still get put on pegs where they belong, with little to no risk of them breaking. Our strong-hold hang tabs are designed to last, meaning your products will hang where needed until sold.


At the Do-It Corporation, we craft plastic hang tabs of all different shapes and sizes to ensure that every product gets the dependable hold that it needs. From standard over-the-top Reinforcer Hang Tabs to smaller, more specialized designs, Do-It can work with any business to ensure that their product stays hanging as long as they need it to. And, if we don’t have a design that perfectly matches your product, our design team can work with you to create something that gives you the hold you need.

Providing plastic hang tabs that help any product stay up as intended, the Do-It Corporation can assist you in finding the best reinforcement for your product’s hanging needs. Contact us and order yours today!

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