Plastic Hang Tabs: Simple, Effective, Reliable

Plastic hang tabs are something of an unsung hero in merchandising. Perhaps because they make displaying goods easier, make those goods more attractive to customers, and rarely ever fail, plastic hang tabs have become a part of merchandising that is so accepted, few ever think about them even while they’re using them. Though we at Do-It are glad to see plastic hang tabs so widely used by so many, we feel that it’s high time to shine a spotlight on the hang tabs that thousands use every day. In this month’s blog post, we’ll be discussing three different types of plastic hang tabs we sell and how retailers can use them to boost their sales at a low cost.

Clear Plastic Hook Hang Tabs

Hook hang tabs are some of the most popular hang tabs in merchandising—and their fame is well-earned.

The strength of the hook design is in its simplicity. Hook hang tabs are easy for both employees and customers to use, and they can support a wide range of product weights. On top of that, our clear plastic hang tabs have the added benefit of not obscuring the design of the product you’re selling. Because of this, clear plastic hook hang tabs are the premier choice for anyone looking to preserve the design of their product to catch the customer’s eye.

Hook hang tabs are also preferred for items that come in multiple varieties, such as items that have varying color schemes, designs, or contents. With a hook hang tab, customers who want a specific type of item can simply lift it off of the peg hook, where an enclosed hang tab would require a customer to remove all items in front of the one your customer desires.

Plastic Slot Hang Tabs

Alongside hook hang tabs, slot hang tabs are some of our most popular. Equally as simple in their design as their hooked counterparts, slot hang tabs provide an entirely unique set of benefits. Slot hang tabs are preferred by many retailers because of their enclosed design, which makes them less likely to fall off the peg hook when used by customers. Moreover, the triangular design of the hang tab means that products attached to them will naturally self-center while suspended. Naturally, plastic slot hang tabs are the preferred option for products that are a bit more unwieldy when hanged.

Are you interested in securing a plastic hang tab that will boost your sales, reduce your labor, and reliably hang your customers’ favorite products? If so, then contact us today for more information on purchasing your ideal hang tab.