Prepare for Fall Sales With Display Strips and More

Our first holidays of the season are just around the corner, and that means Do-it Corp. is here to help you ensure your retail displays are as ready as possible through the use of our display strips, hang tabs, and more. We’ve crafted the perfect display solutions for a variety of businesses for retail stores, so, whether you’re a candy company that needs extra marketing materials for Halloween or a space heater company that wants to bring in attention for future snow, the Do-It Corp. can help.


When planning a display strip for your product to once again make their debut this fall, it pays to think of the best design that can for sure bring customers to your products. A blank color strip may work for some, but, if you want to really bring attention to your product through quality branding, we at the Do-It Corporation can assist you in designing and printing display strips that have your brand’s color, logo, and any additional messages you want displayed. Designs should be eye-catching and helpful to pushing a sale, and, with Do-It’s years of experience, we can help create just that.


At Do-It, we work in the business of helping others, and, with our custom display strips, we can assist your company in displaying your product with greater visibility, even if your products have an odd shape! Whether they’re small bottles or sealed food packages, the Do-It Corporation can craft a custom display strip that will fit your products in an efficient, noticeable way. Crafted to match your product colors and designs, Do-It’s capabilities are perfect for any items you wish to display.

Crafting point-of-sale display solutions since 1973, the Do-It Corporation has the knowledge, skillset, and tools to help your products shine on the shelf. If you want the perfect display solutions for your products, give us a call today!

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