Prevent Package Damage and More With Effective Hang Tab Designs

Hanging products are a convenient way to save space with retail displays, and you can help they hang more efficiently with effective hang tab designs. Some packaging may come with hanging cutouts built into them, but the material is thin and prone to being ripped or broken. By installing hang tabs from the Do-It Corporation, you can give an extra layer of security, reinforcement, and the ability to be hung up!

Increase hold

Have products that need some extra hold on their built-in hang tab? The reinforcer tab that we offer can double, or even triple the hang hole strength of paper board packaging. Paper board packaging can often get bent or torn, and an extra layer of plastic will give the packaging another layer to stay hanging. Offered in a variety of shapes, the reinforcer hang tab designs can fit most pre-cut paper board packaging for products.

Hang on site

Worried about how hang tabs will hold up during shipments? The Do-It fold up hang tabs allow you to ship products as they are, then fold up the hang tab for use after they’re ready to be hung on a retail display. This allows you to maintain the efficiency of hang tabs without increasing the price of product packaging to make special room for the hang tabs. The fold up hang tabs are also available in hook, hole, and slot hole formats, so you can hang your products however your retail displays demand.

Hang and protect

Do-It’s security hang tabs keep packaging secure while hanging it. Not as easy to break into as a simple piece of tape, or no protection at all, the security hang tabs can keep your products safe while giving you a simple but effective way to hang them. With different formats available, you can get the appropriate hang tab depending on your product’s weight.

With these hang tab designs and more, the Do-It Corporation offers everything you need to hang up products with confidence. To see which might work best for you, contact us today!