Product Carry Handles Provide a Unique Way of Branding

When brands want their products to be easier to manage for customers, product carry handles can be a great way to not only improve the ease of moving your products, but also push your branding further. The Do-It Corporation develops retail solutions that have been tried and tested so manufacturers of products are always getting the best answers to their problems.

The carry handles we create provide larger products or bundles with the tool they need to get picked up from shelves more frequently. When companies want the best branding retail solutions on the market, they know they can trust in Do-It.


Not only does the carry handle from Do-It allow bigger products or bundled products to have a simpler way for customers to carry it, but it also can help manufacturers with branding. With adhesive on the ends of the product handles that we make, the entire middle section is capable of being printed on, giving a space for attention-grabbing branding efforts.

These can be reward codes, coupons, and more to encourage sales, a graphic that helps advertise other products in your brand, and more. Whatever you want to show on your product carry handles, you can do it with the team at Do-It.


The carry handle is a great example of Do-It’s capability to provide a better way of marketing products through convenience. Bulky packages, packages that are awkwardly shaped, and more can find a new way for customers to carry the product attached more easily, leading to more sales. If you have a two-for-one sale happening, you can even attach your carry handles to each in the bundle, giving customers a single thing to hold on to while they carry your product.

Do-It can also provide an automatic carry handle applicator to allow your operation to include the carry handle quickly and easily for your daily operations, without any extra effort. The possibilities are endless with your carry handle and what you can print onto it, making it an excellent addition to any manufacturers packaging.

Do-It Corporation is always looking for ways to push the boundaries of display solutions for retail brands, and the carry handle is one more way that those brands can effectively market themselves on a store shelf. If you are interested in seeing what the carry handle can do for your products, reach out on our contact page today!