Product Security Tabs Protect Without Interrupting Appearance

When it comes to product packaging, product security tabs can be a great way for any boxed product to stay securely sealed while also providing quality protection in and easy and unobtrusive way. The Do-It Security Hang Tabs not only give your products a great seal on packaging, but they can also help you to lower the chances of your product getting broken into and stolen.


When you choose Do-It’s security hang tabs, you are investing in a resource that will give products a better hold than the rest. With our plastic design, we can help to seal containers in an effective and easy-to-manage way. By simply peeling a security tab from the sheet that we provide, they may easily be applied to any product to allow a firm hold that puts an extra protective layer over the opening of the product’s container. And, with a built-in hang tab design on most of our security tabs, you can not only get a great way to protect your products, but also a way to display them on a shelf without compromising safety.


If you deal with product packaging, you know that the materials used need to be the best for the product, and that is what our product security tabs bring to any product they are applied to. More durable than wafer seals that can be applied to products, our security tabs will perform the same function of holding a product closed while also giving it the strength it needs to stand up to theft attempts. Loss prevention methods for products need to be dependable, and that is what Do-It brings to your product with our quality security hang tabs.

The Do-It Corporation provides the best point-of-sale display solutions for any business’s products, including security measures. When you want a way to protect packages in a way that is simple and effective, trust our product security tabs.

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