Norpak 1000 ALT Hang Tab Applicator

Do-It Roll Form Hang Tabs are designed for high speed automatic application. Application rates up to 200 per minute can be achieved with the Norpak 1000 ALT Hang Tab Applicator – depending on the shape and size of the product.

Norpak Highlights:

  • Larger unwind to handle rolls up to 15.5” (395mm) OD.
  • Custom web tension (brake) unwind roller.
  • Smooth web path to the peel plate (beak).
  • Omron servo motor. • Software, and touch screen control box.
  • Adjustable conveyor speed up to 162’ (50M) per minute.
  • Fully adjustable application head – including angle of  peel plate (beak).
  • Leuze ultrasonic “self-teaching” sensors.
  • High density foam roller to apply pressure to hang tab  after placement on product.


Gen2 Carry Handle Application System

  • Simple, consistent method of applying large volumes of Do-It Carry Handles.
  • Accurately apply forty to sixty handles per minute in the exact location each time.
  • Designed specifically for your product and Do-It Carry Handle.
  • Small footprint – less that thirty square feet and less than a thousand pounds.
  • Incorporate into your existing production line.



Do-It’s TAB-A-MATIC and roll form hang tabs  can be the right choice for your manufacturing  environment. Remove a hang tab and the TAB-A- MATIC dispenser automatically peels and advances  the next hang tab. More efficient hand application  rates can be achieved – around 12 hang tabs per minute.


Do-It Carry Handle Dispenser

    Remove a carry handle and the dispenser  automatically advances the next handle.

    • Speeds up low-volume carry handle  application processes.