Ideas That Hang…Promote…Sell

Atkins Works With Do-It Corporation To Promote Their Protein Chips

Looking for additional ways to promote their Protein Chips, Atkins recently worked with Do-It Corporation to develop a display strip that will get easily noticed in any store.

Combining Do-It’s 2-DDMS-12 Double Duty Merchandising Strip with a digitally printed 2-MLC display strip header Atkins is ready to dominate the healthy snack food aisle. The 2-DDMS-12 strip is made with injected molded plastic and can withstand the rigors of the toughest retail environments. The chips can be securely clipped at each hang position yet easily removed by the customer.

The header was digitally printed to carefully match Atkins’ Ranch’s blue package. All together these items make an attractive retail display that can be placed anywhere in the store. Being a movable display allows retailers to easily cross-merchandise the protein chips just about anywhere – the health food aisle, the chip aisle, or at check-out.

Do-It Corporation’s Contract Packaging Area also helped with this project. The area attached the header to the strip with a two-piece pin, taped a “S” hook to the back of each display strip, and boxed, labeled, and shipped these items to Atkins for product loading.