Ideas That Hang…Promote…Sell

BIC uses series of Bilingual Wobblers to promote its DJeep Lighters

Using point-of-purchase wobblers to promote your product in a store is a tried and true method of getting people’s attention in any retail environment. Recently, BIC decided to take the concept one-step further to create a series of wobblers promoting their line of colorful DjEEP Lighters — primarily in their Canadian markets. Do-It Corporation digitally printed the series of wobblers with each one focused on a different, colorfully designed lighter. The extra step that BIC provides is to enable message flexibility to their Canadian retailers. These wobblers are printed on both sides — one side in English, one side in French. The store can tailor their message to their customers. In addition to eye-catching graphics — on both sides — each wobbler also has a strip of adhesive — on both sides. So, while the wobbler is designed to easily slide into a price channel, if the retailers want to hang the wobbler in other locations in the store that don’t have a price channel, they just simply peel the adhesive and place the wobbler where needed — French side up or English side up. Once in place the wobbler movers with any air flow — another way to draw attention to the product. When the promotion is over the adhesive peels o  easily and cleanly. Do-It Wobblers are an effective, attractive, and economical method of promoting your product in any store. BIC just added another dimension that allows them to secure valuable, competitive shelf space while letting their retail partners focus on specific customers.

Djeep Wobbler