Ideas That Hang…Promote…Sell

Bottle Neck Hang Tab secures attention and samples

Boru Vodka had just broken away from a large Irish distiller and wanted a way to generate interest in its new vodka. Attaching a free sample bottle could achieve this, but samples would need to be attached in a way that would discourage shoplifting of the sample bottles and look neat, as well as match Boru’s brand image.

To help Boru achieve these goals, Do-It developed a piggyback bottle neck hang tab that attaches a small plastic sample bottle of its vodka to Boru’s 700 ml glass bottle. Adhesive on the top of the hang tab holds the sample securely to the bottle cap and reduces the chance of sample theft. The hang tab also holds the sample far enough away from the large bottle for it to hang vertical and straight, creating a neat and appealing appearance.

In addition, Do-It printed the bottle neck hang tab to match Boru’s brand colors and logo.
Do-It’s UV flexographic printing process provides higher-intensity ink pigments on plastic, so they are as vivid as offset printing on paper. This allowed the distiller to give the sample a consistent look to maintain brand continuity.

The hang tab gave Boru the extra attention it needed on retail shelves. Boru was excited with the promotion and the print quality, and has enjoyed success selling the bottle with attached free sample in three Irish airport duty-free shops.