Ideas That Hang…Promote…Sell

Clamp manufacturer squeezes into new market with Printab®Hang Tab

The American Clamping Company, a division of The James Morton Group and marketers of Bessey Clamps, wanted to grow beyond selling in specialty outlets and catalogs and move into mass merchandisers such as Home Depot, Lowe’s and Menards. But first Bessey
needed a way to merchandise its clamps and promote its brand in this new market.

To help Bessey break into the mass merchandising market, Do-It developed a PrinTab printed hang tab that attaches directly to Bessey’s clamps. Prior to this, the clamps lacked any packaging and point-of-purchase material. Now, the hang tab colorfully displays Bessey’s colors, logo and product name.

The new hang tab effectively promotes the Bessey brand image by giving the clamps greater visibility and display flexibility. It allows the clamps to hang at eye level in retail stores and stand out on hardware section pegs. It also allows customers to handle the product.

In addition to giving Bessey greater visibility, the Do-It PrinTab Hang Tab saved Bessey packaging costs compared with other types of packaging, including clamshells and blister packs.

Over the years, Bessey clamps have earned a solid reputation with professional and non-professional woodworkers consisting of hobbyists, semi-professionals and contract  tradesmen. Now, Bessey can promote its brand to a new, larger audience. Members of Bessey’s marketing staff are very pleased with the results, and have expanded the brand image to other Bessey tool lines.