Ideas That Hang…Promote…Sell

Culturelle’s On-Product Coupon Flag stops customers in the aisle

Culturelle and Do-It Corporation worked closely together to develop a way to get customers to stop and take notice in the crowded probiotics aisle. Do-It’s UHH On-Product Flag (also called a Box Talker) adheres to the side of the Culturelle’s 28-count box of IBS Complete Support. The instantly redeemable coupon (IRC) is printed on two sides — a design that gets your attention in both directions in the aisle. Do-It Corporation digitally printed the coupon on transparent plastic to carefully match the Culturelle’s colorful box. Using transparent plastic also allows the message to be printed on the section of the coupon that intrudes into the aisle while the clear adhesive area securely attaches to the box without blocking any product information. A perforation cut lets customers easily tear off the coupon for redemption at checkout. The UHH flag is delivered on roll and can be applied by hand or automatically with a customized label applicator.