Ideas That Hang…Promote…Sell

Custom Do-It Bottle Neck Hang Tab helps Bulleit promote its Frontier Whiskey

To draw attention to its Frontier Bourbon, Bulliet Bourbon wanted to do something special with a free Bulliet Bourbon Ice Mold. The problem was how to attach the two piece ice mold to the 750 ml bottle. The solution is a 2-DFA Bottle Neck Hang Tab created by Do-It Corporation.
The clear plastic box protects the ice mold while allowing customers to see the contents. The 2-DFA bottle neck hang tab easily assembles into a box and fits securely over the cap of the bottle. Do-It digitally printed the bottle neck hang tab to carefully color match the bottle and label.
More importantly, the bottle and the free give-a-way demand attention in any busy liquor store or aisle.