Ideas That Hang…Promote…Sell

Do-It Bottle Neck Hang Tabs help Mrs. Griffin’s promote the oldest BBQ Sauce in the USA

When Mrs. Griffin’s was ready to promote its “Oldest BBQ Sauce in the USA” it chose a new approach for its 32 ounce jar: printed, durable, bottle neck hang tabs from Do-It Corporation. One bottle neck hang tab provides a BBQ chicken recipe and the other, an instantly redeemable coupon.

Both of Do-It’s 2-DPL Style Bottle Neck Hang Tabs are digitally printed on two sides. They are designed to easily slip over the cap of the 32 ounce jar but remain snug on the bottle’s neck.

Each bottle neck hang tab is made with 10 mil OPP XT film—an extra tear-resistant synthetic paper made from a unique mixture of calcium carbonate and polypropylene resin. This material is highly scuff, tear, moisture, UV, and extreme temperature resistant. These bottle neck hang tabs will stay attractive looking in any retail environment.

Mrs. Griffin's