Ideas That Hang…Promote…Sell

Do-It Corporation jumps into the Pet Food aisle with Leaps & Bounds Catnip!

Leaps & Bounds came to Do-It Corporation with the unique task of hanging their catnip products. Spray bottles and canisters are not typically found hanging in the pet aisle.

Do-It Corporation’s 2-AAK Bottle Neck Hang Tab works well on the Catnip Spray Mist bottle. The bottle neck hang tab slides over the cap and snaps in place, holding the bottle securely when placed on a peg hook.

Leaps & Bounds Catnip is available in two sizes. The canisters utilize Do-It Corporation’s 2-BDD Hang Tab (2.5 oz. size) and 2-BDC Hang Tab (1 oz. size). The large opening in the hang tab fits over the lid and snaps in place underneath. The hang tab allows the catnip canister to be placed on a peg hook anywhere in the store.

Leaps & Bounds Catnip