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Do-It Corporation’s Printed Pull Cards help H-E-B and BIC reduce product pilferage

To alleviate shoplifting loss in its stores H-E-B partnered with BIC to create a unique method of selling BIC lighters. The companies selected Do-It Corporation to print two sizes of a lighter pull-card to replace the actual 2-pack and 4-pack lighters on the displays.

The flat, peggable replica was 4-color, digitally offset printed to closely match BIC’s colors and styles. There is a statement written on the placards instructing customers to hand the card to the cashier to purchase the lighters.

The reusable cards are printed on both sides of our durable OPP XT material. This material is highly scuff, tear, moisture, UV, and extreme temperature resistant. This allows the cards to stay attractive no matter how often they are handled. Initial tests of the program found the stores were able to maintain solid sales performances — while helping to reduce shrink.

Bic Pull Card