Ideas That Hang…Promote…Sell

Do-It Corporation’s R-J05 Round Hole Hang Tab gets Crepini’s Egg Thins up and Hanging in the cooler

When a major grocery chain asked Crepini to make their Egg Thins “hangable” in the cooler section Do-It Corporation had a quick, simple answer. Do-It’s R-J05 Ejected Round Hole Hang Tab adheres securely to Crepini’s package and gets the product up and hanging where customers will see it.

The Egg Thins are packaged in a plastic tray with a printed, flexible seal — so there was no way to punch a hole in the package. Using Do-It’s standard adhesive, the R-J05 hang tab adheres securely to the front of the package.

The roll form ejected hole hang tab can be automatically applied with a Norpak Hang Tab Application System or hand applied.

The clear hang tab is mostly unnoticeable. The entire package, however, is now easily noticeable in the cooler section.