Ideas That Hang…Promote…Sell

Do-It Hang Tab helps Bass Mafia lure customers to their Bait Coffin Tackle Box

When Bass Mafia was looking to hang their rugged, almost 3.5 pound Bait Coffin 3700 tackle box they found their solution with a Do-It Corporation Hang Tab.

Do-It’s R-KGJ is a 20 mil slot style hang tab that fits on the back edge of the tackle box.

Securing a hang tab on this product allows stores the option of placing the box on a shelf or hanging it on a peg hook.

Hanging products on peg hooks increases product visibility, raises brand awareness and creates additional merchandising opportunities.

The two-tone black and red design of this tackle box is already noticeable, but hanging the product where customers can see it will help to increase product display flexibility and sales.

The clear hang tab is placed directly on the back side of the product and does not distract attention away from the tackle box.

The strong hang tab and our HangTite™ adhesive will ensure that the heavy tackle box will continue to hang until purchased.

Bass Mafia