Ideas That Hang…Promote…Sell

Do-It Hang Tab helps Gadget Guard®revamp its Tempered Glass Guard Package

Gadget Guard provides products that protect against wear and tear, without sacrificing the look and feel of your electronic device. When developing the packaging for the Black Ice Edition of their iPhone display guard, they came to Do-It Corporation for an attractive, sturdy hang tab. Gadget Guard Tempered Glass Display Guard products hang in AT&T stores throughout the United States.

Gadget Guard’s iPhone packaging includes a black R-JAG ejected hole hang tab. The hang tab adheres to the inside of the paperboard sleeve and extends through a die cut opening at the top of the package creating a strong and secure hanger. The black hang tab provides visual contrast and nicely complements the newly designed white package.

Gadget Guard can be assured that a hang tab from Do-It Corporation will keep the product hanging until the product is sold.

Gadget Guard