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Do-It Hang Tab Opens Display Options for Pristine Water Bottles

To hang their 16 oz Pristine Water Bottles JAB Distributors Incorporated needed a bottle neck hang tab that was strong and provided key product information. Do-It Corporation’s 2-BDK Bottle Neck Hang Tab does both and provides an attractive method of presenting Pristine’s line of water bottles with filters.
The bottle neck hang tab is digitally printed on a white, 10 mil OPP XT Durable Film – a synthetic paper made from a unique mixture of calcium carbonate and polypropylene resin. This material provides excellent printing performance with extra tear strength and is designed to remain attractive in the toughest retail display conditions.
Printed on both sides — in two languages — this bottle neck hang tab carefully color matches and promotes Pristine’s brand image.
The bottle neck hang tab slips under the cap and easily folds up to hang anywhere in the store.