Ideas That Hang…Promote…Sell

Do-It helps provide Display Flexibility for Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

When the makers of Mr. Clean Magic Eraser needed a method to get their product o the shelf and hanging they looked for help from Do-It Corporation.

Do-It’s R-TAD Slot Style Flexible Hang Tab is ideal for a range of Mr. Clean products. From their smaller 2-, 3-, and 6-packs to the bulky 8-pack, the R-TAD hang tab allows the boxes to be moved from the shelf or bin and hung on a pegboard or display strip.

With this display flexibility, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser can be seen in more locations throughout the store. Being seen means being sold.

The flexible R-TAD hang tab can fold down during shipment allowing Mr. Clean to use their existing master carton packaging.

Mr. Clean is a part of the P&G family.

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser