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Do-It helps Unilever Hang its new Paperboard Q-Tips package

When Unilever was looking to introduce a new Q-tips package in paperboard material, Do-It Corporation was ready to provide an Extra Tear Resistant (XTR) Paperboard Hang Tab to make the package retail display ready.
The XTR Paperboard material was sourced by Do-It Corporation, as an alternative to plastic for select hang tab styles. The fibers used in the XTR material and how it is produced make it 30% stronger than traditional SBS paperboard.
Unilever chose the R-JAR style hang tab for this 6.8-ounce package. The R-JAR is rated to hang up to 14 ounces and the round hang hole is die cut and removed to make the product easy to load onto peg hook displays.
Unilever also wanted to maintain the master carton packaging for this 400-count package size. Do-It’s solution was to add a male/female crease line above the adhesive area. This allows the hang tab to be folded over onto the top of the package during shipping. This crease is designed to be folded multiple times without any degradation to the hang tab performance.
The R-JAR XTR Paperboard Hang Tabs are provided on rolls and automatically applied onto this Q-tips package. Do-It Corporation worked with Norpak to provide an automatic application system that applies the hang tab onto the package from the bottom, as it travels down the conveyor long-side leading and face up.
Unilever’s paperboard packaging and Do-It’s XTR Paperboard Hang Tabs make a great match and achieve a compostable package.