Ideas That Hang…Promote…Sell

Do-It Hook Hang Tabs get Mama Mary’s Pizza Crust sales to rise

Getting your pizza crust to rise takes a good oven and 425 degrees. To get Mama Mary’s Ready-To-Bake Pizza Crust sales to rise only takes a hang tab from Do-It Corporation. For years, Mama Mary’s has used Do-It Corporation’s R-33 Hook Style Hang Tab to get a variety of their Pizza Crusts noticed in busy grocery aisles. The R-33 hang tab allows the pizza crust to get up off the shelf and be displayed vertically, face-forward toward the aisle. This maximizes the product’s merchandising display options and increases Mama Mary’s brand awareness. In addition, Mama Mary’s has recently started using Do-It Corporation’s R-35 Hook Style Hang Tab to hang their large, 16 ounce flat bread. Placed on the front of the product the clear plastic hang tab doesn’t block any key product information and presents the package straight on a peg hook. Both of these hook hang tabs use Do-It’s “cold temp” adhesive. This allows stores the option to place this product in coolers. These hang tabs are automatically applied using a label applicator that was customized to apply clear Do-It Hang Tabs.

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