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Easily repair damaged packages with Do-It Hang Tabs

Retail customers tend to avoid products with damaged packaging. Torn headers and broken hang holes often leave products on the floor instead of hanging where they can be seen and bought.
Torn headers and broken hang holes are easily repaired in the store with Do-It Hang Tabs. Do-It’s C-61 and C-64 style hang tabs are ideal for repairing damaged paperboard packaging. Just peel the hang tab from the sheet and place it over the damaged area on the package. This quickly gets the product back up on a peghook or display strip and ready for purchase.
The sheeted C-61 and the C-64 hang tabs are easy to handle in any store environment. Store personnel can carry a sheet with them and only peel a hang tab when they need to hang or repair a package.
In addition, the clear hang tab allows key product information to still be visible after the hang tab has been applied to the package. The C-61 and C-64 Hang Tabs are just two the most popular in-store repair hang tabs. Do-It offers a wide variety of styles and formats for any retail repair or display need.