Ideas That Hang…Promote…Sell

Fruit of The Loom finds additional use for Do-It Carry Handle

Do-It Corporation’s R-SHU style carry handle is designed to attach to bulky products and make it easy for customers to haul heavier items out of the store and into their homes. Fruit of the Loom selected this carry handle to help tote their “Super Value 12 Pack Tag-Free Crews.”

The R-SHU carry handle quickly and easily attaches to the 3-pound bag. The handle is a convenient way to move the product.

The handle works so well with the package that FOTL soon found stores using the handle as a make shift “hang tab.” Stores were taking the packs out of shelves and out of bins and hanging them in various locations throughout the store. This approach was ideal for special promotions and back-to-school displays.

Once customers noticed the package hanging, the handle made a convenient method to carry the shirts to the check out line.

Fruit of the Loom