Ideas That Hang…Promote…Sell

Giant Do-It Display Strip helps Shottys promote its Party-Ready Pack

When Shottys was looking to go big with a spring-summer promotion featuring its 24-Count Gelatin Party Pack they worked closely with Do-It Corporation on a merchandising display strip that would not only hold six 3.5-pound party packs but look good while hanging in any store. Do-It’s custom designed and digitally printed MDV merchandising strip is 25 mil thick and up-to-the-task of hanging 21 pounds (total) of gelatin shots. Do-It designed the strip with a fold at the top of the strip. When folded over, this almost doubles the hanging capacity of the entire strip. The large party packs hanging together on the strip are certainly hard to miss wherever the strip is placed. The strip is actually a hanging display that can be moved for cross-merchandising and promotional purposes. The digitally printed header area of the strip draws attention to the product and reinforces Shottys brand message. Do-It Corporation delivered this project with heavy-duty “S” Hooks to help stores to hang the strip on end-caps, wire racks, and shelving.