Ideas That Hang…Promote…Sell

Gigantic Do-It Hang Tab opens display options for Paricon Snow Board

When Paricon was looking for a way to hang their Avenger Snow Board they knew that Do-It Corporation would be willing to take on the challenge. The snow board is 10 inches wide, 43 inches long, and 4.5 pounds. The key for Do-It was to find a way to hang the board while not distracting from the attractive graphics on the board. The 20-mil thick, Do-It 2-KJS Hang Tab is large and strong enough to securely hold the board, and being clear, does not interfere with the graphics or any product information. The hang tab slides over the board and uses gravity to hold the board. In addition, a small strip of clear adhesive helps to attach the hang tab to the board. The combination of adhesive and gravity securely holds the board giving store personnel the option to confidently hang the board anywhere in the store.